Welcome to Freeboh!

Here at Freeboh, we part timers, as YOU make a world of difference to the labour market. With that in mind we have created a whole new employment system tailor made to meet your needs when looking for a part time job. Here's why we think you should shout all about it, and make Freeboh your first port of call for your part time employment needs.

It's so easy to find the right job

It can be stressful finding a job-there are so many considerations to think about, such as where is the workplace, how do you get there, what times are the shifts, how much does the job pay, what does the job really entail and many other questions. With Freeboh, you get all of these answers at your fingertips instantly. Watch how easy is it - finding a job seated down in a cafe. Seriously.

It's free-no hidden cost

It's free to sign-up and use. Keep all that you earn - we are not a job agency taking a cut.

Work when you want to.

With Freeboh, there's a new way of working. It is possible to make work fit into your life, and not the other way around. The concept of applying for shifts helps you manage your time so that you can still work when you want to, for the duration you want to, without missing out on life.

It's convenient.

Save time (and resources) by applying for part time jobs in the comfort of your own home. Getting a job is just a click away. No need to go and buy the Saturday classifieds! Access Freeboh from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even your home computer to search, browse and bid for work based on your ability and your availability! Here's how.