10 Jobs That Can Make You Happy

Last edited on 08 Jan 2017
Yes, jobs can make you happy.

Every Monday morning, most of us find ourselves thinking about changing our jobs. The dullness of the cubicle, the monotonous routine, and the boredom take a toll on our happiness. We see friends in different professions with more exciting careers and wonder what makes them so happy.

If you're looking to change your career for job satisfaction, here are 10 jobs that can make you happy.

Florists and Gardeners

Gardening and floristry have therapeutic elements, calming you and giving you a sense of satisfaction. When you're a florist and indulge in gardening professionally, you witness your accomplishments and the happiness on people's faces.


Hairdressers have the power to change your entire personality with a haircut or colouring. Hairdressing revolves around caring for someone's tresses while giving them an amazing makeover.

Child care workers

The interaction and caring for little children brings more than happiness, it also brings accomplishment. Childcare workers help kids grow into bright, young individuals.


Teachers have always been an inspiration for many. A teacher educates, plants seeds of imagination and encouragement, and broadens horizons for their students.


The contentment of expressing emotions and feelings is indescribable. Artists have the ability to make you feel a range of emotion with their work, music or visual art.

Social workers

The pillars of our society, social workers help make the world a better place with their dedication and motivation. They are responsible for bringing comfort where there might have been none.

Tourism workers

Tourism workers experience high levels of interaction, helping people admire the beauty of the city and giving them tours to remember for a lifetime. They never have to work in a conventional office.


Authors create a world out of their imagination, giving us a place to escape from reality. Fiction or non-fiction, authors have the power to express emotions and feelings in words, changing perspectives and lives.


A clear outcome of their imagination, architects build great structures for us to admire. Their art changes lives and inspires people to pursue their dreams.


Nurses and caregivers thrive because of the interactive and caring environment they work in. Taking care of people and making sure they're healthy, nurses heal people with their actions and words as well.

But hey, if you don't find anything you like here, this list is definitely not exhaustive. We believe that working happy doesn't only depend on the type of work you're doing, but when you are given the freedom to work the way you want to. Work Happy everyone! :)
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