Get a Part Time Job in 3 Simple Steps

Last edited on 22 Aug 2017
Get a Part Time Job in 3 Simple Steps

Is it easy to find a part time job? I don't think so. First, there's the need to look out for hiring signs. Hours and hours of walking and enquiring about commitment, the scheduling and all the important details that they conveniently leave out of that hiring sign.

After all that hassle's settled, you'll have to worry about telling the employer you won't be available every day of the week. What if the employer schedules you to work on the days you already have plans? It's definitely not a pleasant experience to have to go through that with your new boss.

All this makes you wonder, why bother, right? Well it doesn't have to be that way.

It can take only 3 simple steps with Freeboh. Here's how :

bidding for a part time job the Freeboh way

Step 1 : Search

Search for almost anything. It could be 'Barista' or something in the 'Service' line. It could be only jobs that you can work on 'Thursday evenings'. It could be jobs that are in 'Tampines'. It could be anything! You also get to see everything from where the job is at to the hourly pay after searching, before clicking on the listing! Sounds like online shopping, eh?

Step 2 : Bid

Here's the fun part. Selecting what time you want to work! Get empowered and be in charge of your own time and simply select the time slots you want to work. Friday, 3pm to 8pm? Cool, I'm ok with that. Thursday 12nn to 5pm? Maybe not. Let's not pick that then. It's that simple!

Step 3 : Confirm

This part is my favourite. I can actually see how much all my free time is worth! This definitely gets me pumped to start work, and I just can't wait! If you're satisfied with what you've chosen, just click on Confirm and all that's left to do now is sit back and hope your profile is so good that the employers won't be able to resist accepting your bids! 

Now that applying for part time jobs is made easy for you (Just 3 steps, can you believe it?), what's stopping you from empowering yourself and monetising your free time? Ka-ching, everybody!

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