Here's 5 Reasons Why We Should All Work Part Time!

Last edited on 07 Dec 2016

There are a lot of people out there doing part time jobs. Why are they doing it? For money? To fill up their free time? Or are they just going along with the flow, following their peers because they, too, have a part time job?

There is more to a part time job than just working and earning your hourly wages. Here are five reasons why we think part time jobs are an important aspect to life.

1. Learn Skills You’d Never Learn in School


When you're working, you're still gaining knowledge. The difference is, you're not exactly studying. You're learning. You're gaining useful skills! For example, working in a cafe can actually help you gain insight into the daily operations of a food business. On top of that, you can learn about time management and supply systems when you’re handling perishable goods, and customer service and interaction when attending to customers. These are the skills you need regardless of what job you may be working in the future. Yay for paid training! (Learn to interact with people in Mothercare!)

2. Learn to Manage Your Time


It's very easy to feel like you have all the time in the world when you're studying. However, it can be quite difficult to juggle your personal commitments with work once you're employed full time. Working part time while studying sure helps train up your time management and to learn to prioritise your tasks. Also, you really know the value of your time once you start working and earning that pay check every month. Your time may actually be worth more than you think! (Here are some high paying jobs available. Sweet deal, if you ask me)

3. See things in perspective


Working part time also helps you see what the different perspectives are when you’re communicating with your employers and when you’re exposed to different elements of a business. For example, at a busy restaurant, a customer may see and experience slow service, the crew may experience a frenetic pace at peak hours and the boss may find it hard to hire. Same reality, different frames. Don't believe me? Join 4 Fingers!

4. Learn to Communicate

Pursuing further studies is a route that each of us will have to undergo these days. There's no doubt that studying helps us gain more knowledge and understanding about certain subjects, but there are just some things that can’t be taught. Soft skills like communication or interpersonal skills are skills that we hardly get to practice in school. Working in part time jobs involve interacting with many people, and this can help expose you to the different (and I mean very different) people that are out there. This can help you practice communicating and saying the right things with the right tone at the right time. Quite interesting, if you ask me. (Interact with more people by working in in these cool jobs! Check it out here)

5. Work Hard to Get the Things You Want

Ever felt the satisfaction of getting something you've been coveting for ages with your own money? Well, feel that high every time you get paid for working, because that's how I felt when I first started. When you’re working part time, you really get rewarded for doing something. This can really put into perspective the reality of the statement ‘Work hard for the things you want’. What are you working for? I’ve got what I want, have you?

I know, I know. It’s all good stuff, but the hassle of it all when applying part time jobs is just not worth it. Well, Freeboh is here, and it’s the easiest way we know to get a part time job! You can even decide what time slots you’d like to work in! 

Start working today and gain more than you can imagine!

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