5 Things To Note When Applying For Shift Based Jobs

Last edited on 01 Apr 2015

We thought that it might be useful for us to give you guys some pointers on what to ponder over when deciding to apply for any shift based job. Here it goes!


1)    Shift Timing

Note what time does the shift start and end. Is there any unpaid hours in between because of lunch break? These give you an idea of how much money would you earn in a shift and the actual number of hours to work in that shift.

2)    Location

Is it near your home? Is it accessible from the MRT or any public transport? All these are important for you to consider while shortlisting for any job. It might be less efficient if you travel 1 hour to and fro from your workplace and only work 4 hours for that shift as compared to one that is only 15 minutes away. J

3)    Job Description

Does it involve cashiering? Handling hot plates? Carrying heavy stuff? It is important to know the job scope before committing to a job so that you can commit better to your employer and stay for a longer term if both parties have similar expectations of each other J

4)    Wage

Yes, it is 4th in the list. After knowing the information for each point above, it is then wise to evaluate on the pay that is offered. Some might offer a higher pay but you might have to travel further. Others might have a good pay but requires you to work hours that you are unable to work for. It is therefore more advisable to consider the pay after getting to know more about what you are committing yourself to.

5)    Use Freeboh

This could actually be (1) on the list. Well, it is a chicken and egg thing. We provide you with all the information you need from (1) to (4) for you to shortlist and bid for the shifts that you want, all through the same portal. You will then be able to check it via your diary all on the same platform J.  No more scouring through different job advertisements and making unnecessary calls!

Happy Hunting!

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(Picture Credits: Markus Spiske / raumrot)

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