5 Ways To Increase your Visibility on Freeboh

Last edited on 17 Nov 2015

With our ever growing community of part timers looking for jobs to fit their free time, some of the more popular jobs are getting so many applicants that the employers feel overwhelmed as to which applicants to choose from!

That said, here are 5 ways you can increase your visibility on Freeboh!


This is the first thing that employers see about you. Putting in your actual name makes employers think you're serious about getting hired, and in return, they'll be serious about hiring you.

The second thing employers see is your XP. These are your experience points. The higher your experience points are, the more value the employers see in you. So go ahead and earn as much XP as you can!


You're almost there! The business is now viewing your profile! So be sure to fill it up with relevant and interesting information about yourself! A profile picture is also a very good way to make a real impression on the businesses as they can tie up the information to a real person, and they'll definitely be more likely to call you up for an interview.

P.S. Do upload the photo instead of using the default photos if you signed up using Facebook or Google because they may come out at a lower resolution. You may also want to use a different picture when applying for jobs instead of your Facebook profile picture ;)

To stay ahead of the game, place more bids! Place multiple bids in each business and place bids in all the different businesses that you want to work at. All your bids will be reflected under your name so you take up more real estate on the screen. If that doesn't catch the attention of the business, I don't know what else will!