9 Life Goals Every Twenty Something Should Achieve

Last edited on 23 Dec 2016

9 Easy Life Goals Every Twentysomething Should Achieve

No more wishing to be a beer pong champion.

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Being a twentysomething in this age isn't as easy as it seems. We spend a good part of our early adult lives in college and suddenly jumping into the real world is intimidating. More often than not, we find ourselves being our college selves instead of embracing our responsible and mature roles. Maybe it's time we got our stuff together and became the adults our parents wish to see in us.

Here are 9 basic life goals twentysomethings should aim to achieve.

Having financial independence

Start buying groceries and toiletries on your own dime and not on your mom's credit card. Use your pay check wisely and spend on important things like your rent and food. Forget those regular Starbucks runs and focus on stocking up basic food.

Learning to feed yourself like an adult

Stop eating takeout from that Chinese restaurant around the corner or microwaving leftover pizza for dinner. Make a meal that involves an actual recipe and not throwing in all the ingredients in the fridge.

Getting your first check from your first real job

No more working at a job with a pay check that only covers your rent. Find a job that covers your rent, takeout dinners for a week, and maybe some fancy mugs to drink from.

Taking your parents out for the first time

Nothing makes the folks more proud than saying, “Mom, Dad.. It's on me this time.” Show your parents you're capable of taking them out for dinner and paying for the dinner, too.

Buying a bed

No more sleeping on wine-stained mattresses or blankets spread on the floor. Buying a bed and not sleeping on the floor shows that you're an independent adult.

Having a money cushion

Twentysomethings are used to reckless spending and living pay check to pay check. So, save a little money every month for a rainy day. Future you will thank past you for being wise and having savings when you really need it.

Going on a real vacation

No more vacations that involve eating cheap snacks and drinking cheap beer. Plan a trip with your stay at decent hotels and not some crappy road trip.

Handling your own finances

No more running to dad and asking him to help you with your taxes. No more asking your folks to keep a track of your expenditure to help you with tax returns. Take the reins and be a DIYer with your finances.

Setting realistic goals

No more wishing for a tiger as a pet or hoping to be a social media celebrity in a day. Start setting goals for yourself that are more realistic. Take one step at a time but don't be afraid to take a leap either.

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