Five Tips To Secure A Part Time Job In Singapore

Last edited on 09 Dec 2016

It’s the holidays again, and everybody is out looking for part time jobs. If you're wondering how to even begin applying for part time jobs, here are 5 tips on how you can secure a part time job in Singapore. 

1. If you have nothing to sell, sell yourself. 

You may not have working experience, but you probably have something else that you can offer. Tell the employers who you are and what you can do— and sell yourself ! Share with them your achievements in school, or anything that you’ve done while you were schooling. It may not sound like much to you, but you never know how much value it can bring! 

 2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket 

There are many jobs out there! Apply to as many jobs as you can (it's easy! ), and don’t let one employer determine your worth. Don’t worry if more than one business decides to hire you (worry? That’s the best case scenario!). This just means you get to choose to take the one you prefer, or both! 

3. The early bird catches the worm

It’s true! Start job hunting before the holidays to beat the crowd. During the holidays, employers are flooded with job applications and may not have time to respond to everybody. If you start early, there’s a whole buffet of worms (part time jobs) out there for you to grab! 

4. Commitment is a valued commodity

Being able to manage your time and work while studying really has its benefits. Because I was working during my school term, I had no problems securing a part time job during my school holidays , even though I could not work during the public holidays.

5. You’ve got nothing to lose! Just go for it!