Happy Mothers Day

Last edited on 07 May 2015

Take out your calendar (or phone) and note down the 10th of May.

Nope you are not finding part-time work on that day.

And, nahh. I’m not asking you on a date.



That day should be reserved for your mum and your mum alone. Besides spending quality time with her, what about preparing a little gift to show your utmost appreciation to her on this iconic day. :)


At Freeboh, we love planning in advance, and here are some gift ideas that you might want to consider. Budgeting is an important point, and we have also listed down the number of “Freeboh-shifts” you need to beef up the budget for the gift:



Each  is a “Freeboh-shift” . The shift is taken to be 5 hours long, and the wage is calculated based on an estimate of $7/hr

So if you see , it means a rough estimate of 7 x 5 = $35 or less for that present!

1. Flowers

“If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love” – Stevie Wonder


The last memorable bouquet of flower your mum received is probably during her wedding (generally true). If your mum is a “flower person”, why not consider getting her a nice bouquet this year to make her relive that sweet moment :P


Freeboh-shifts :  onwards

2. Portable Charger

Help your mum progress in her Candy Crush and Cookie Jam endeavours. Xiaomi portable chargers of a capacity (10,400 mAh) is available for S$18.99 (source: http://www.mi.com/sg/mipowerbank/). Other brands of a similar capacity will cost a bit more. 

Freeboh-shifts :  onwards


3. Handwritten Card with some Shopping Vouchers

Heartfelt words are probably the most difficult to say, but they definitely mean the most. Penning down your thoughts in a nice card could be a present by itself, or it can also be an add on to any other gift that you might be getting her. XoXo

Freeboh-shift hours :   onwards


4. Something She likes

Be it some card holder, bag or tech gizmo. If you know what she likes, just go get it.


Freeboh-shift hours :  all the way to Full%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.pngFull%20Colour.png well.. you get the point.

5. Treat her to a meal

There’s nothing like a warm cosy meal with her or as a family. It doesn’t have to be some expensive restaurant (hawker food sounds good too) where you spend loads of money! With that said, it is probably a good time to have a mini celebration and treat her to something good. :)


Freeboh-shift hours : onwards (Bring the family along alright)


6. Cook her a meal



Freeboh-shift hours :  onwards (and make sure its edible. Some F&B experience might help *hint hint* )Full%20Colour.png


And to all mothers out there, thank you! :)  For without you there won’t be us. Literally.

For those who are working towards the budget (for both Mother's and Father's Day), Freeboh definitely has something to offer. All these gifts are definitely within reach of one or few shifts

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