How to create your CV in 8 minutes

Last edited on 22 Aug 2017
So what exactly is a CV or a résumé? You see these terms most often when you’re fresh out of school, and it looks like if you’re looking for a job, you’re going to need one of those. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just buy a CV? Googling online on how to basically sell yourself sounds so tedious and challenging— what should I include? What format should it be in? 

Well, if you were asking those questions like I did, fret no more. Here’s how to create your very own CV in just 8 minutes.

First things first. A curriculum vitae (CV) or sometimes referred to as a resume, is a summary of your life’s accomplishments and educational background. It’s important to have a good CV because that’s one of the first things your potential employer finds out and reads about you. Study shows that at least 90% of all employment interviews were granted only after a resume had been received and read. (Rosch, 1990)

Now that you know what it is and why it's important, let's look at how we can create one.

In a quick summary, your resume should include:

  1. Personal details (Name, date of birth, contact number, and nationality)
  2. Education details
  3. Work experience and achievements
  4. Other information such as voluntary work or participation in CCA/leadership programs
  5. Skills and language proficiency

As for the formatting, we’ve got it covered. Simply go to your profile page by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the screen to get started!

Simply click on +Work or +School to add an entry. For education details, begin with your secondary school education and work your way up. CCA participation and achievements can be added here as well, in a new entry.

Next, fill in your work experience. Do fill in your responsibilities and job scope and include anything notable that you have achieved during your time working there. For example, if you have received an official compliment by a customer due to excellent customer service. If you have done any volunteering work, add it here as a new entry. It’s good to describe what you have done and what you have learnt from that activity. Don’t forget to mention any notable skills such as baking or image editing in the ‘About Me’ section!

When you’re all set, just click on the PDF button below your picture to generate your CV!

With this, there’s no need to worry about the formatting every time you update your CV with new information. As for the part time jobs you worked through Freeboh, your CV will be automatically updated as you accomplish your shifts so you have more time for more important things :)

There you have it, how you can use Freeboh to create your very own CV in just 8 minutes. 

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