Look what Long Jian has to say about Freeboh

Last edited on 12 Aug 2015

Some say that friends give you the best advice, and they only recommend what they believe in to who they truly care for. Jio Your Friend Campaign is all about spreading the word to your friends on what Freeboh is and can do for them. :)

Our Week 2 Mystery Prize Winner, Long Jian, has done just that. Check out our short interview with him to see what he has to say about Freeboh and our Jio Your Friend Campaign!

" ... When my friend jio-ed me to participate.. came to know about Freeboh. When I came to know about the concept of shift-based hiring, I find the concept is very useful for students like myself to find part-time jobs, that's why I decided to tell my friends about it as well so that everybody can enjoy this service.”

Join us now to see what Freeboh is about, and refer your friends to sign up to win exciting prizes!

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