It's Not Easy To Find A Part Time Job

Last edited on 18 Dec 2015

Have you ever experienced any difficulty in landing a temporary or part-time job during your school holidays? I believe many would say yes, like me.

When I was a student, I remembered that getting a job during my school holidays wasn’t easy at all. I have hunted tirelessly but to no response at times. Each school holiday begins with searching online vacancies or looking through the newspaper for job opportunities. It is no longer a simple case of sending a resume. In my case, applying to employment agencies tend to stand a higher chance of getting a temporary or part time job. However, I was often asked to go down for an interview before my resume was sent to their clients (the respective hiring company). If I was lucky enough, I would be asked to go for another round of interview with that company. Sometimes, the whole hiring process would take me more than a week before landing a job.

After securing a job from the employment agency, I was informed that timesheet needed to be submitted personally at the end of the month before my salary could be processed. For some employment agencies, timesheet could be submitted online but I always have to keep track on the number of hours that I have worked.

Let’s admit that school holidays is not all about working. Many of us would want to make use of our school holidays for a short overseas vacation to relax. However, my job applications were sometimes rejected because the employer would prefer someone who can commit throughout the entire employment duration.

The single largest obstacle to gaining employment during student-hood I faced was the "lack of experience".  With every rejection I was told that I simply didn't have enough experience, and it is with increasing frustration that my friends and I all complained that without experience we cannot get employed, but without employment we cannot get any of this necessary experience. (Here's one that doesn't require any experience!) I feel that employers could be more understanding of students trying to gain employment for the first time.

Or have you ever given up on finding a part time job while studying?

High five if your answer is a ‘yes’ too. Studying full time mean that our hours may not be as flexible and each of us have our own commitments too. Based on my past experiences, only a few employers are willing to hire students with a demanding academic timetable. I bet many of us face rejections from employers most of the time. 

Now that I looked back, how I wish I have known a platform like Freeboh when I was still a student, my job hunting would be much easier and I would not have to struggle so much to find a job. 

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