MENDAKI Sense Job Fair on 22nd Sept 2016

Last edited on 30 Sep 2016
Freeboh is delighted to be invited to speak and have a booth at the recent MENDAKI Sense job fair and career readiness workshop on 22nd September 2016. The job fair and workshop aims to help jobseekers look for suitable jobs and successfully get hired.

Getting our booth all set up!

One of our Happy Work Ambassadors, Shi Jun, was the guest speaker for the career readiness workshop. She shared with the jobseekers on how they can create a compelling CV, and tips on what you should and should not do during an interview.

Did you take down all the tips?

In our booth, we had the privilege of meeting many jobseekers from all walks of life. It was a rewarding experience to listen to their stories, and their needs for part-time and shift-based jobs. Some jobseekers were looking for part-time jobs because they have other commitments and are unable to work on a full time basis. To earn their living, they can only work around the schedule of their loved ones, and they shared that looking for a job that fits the timing they need was really difficult.

Another group of jobseekers who approached our booth were back-to-work women. They used to work full time, but stopped for a while to take care of their family. Now that they are looking to transition back into a full time work schedule, they decided to work part-time as their first step.

Not only that, there are also many jobseekers who are already working full time, but is still looking for part-time job opportunities to earn extra. To some of them, having extra work on the weekends and weekday evenings meant having extra to spend on necessities.

Helping a jobseeker

After listening to their stories, we believe that using Freeboh can definitely help them find shift-based jobs that fit their life. We showed them how they can look for jobs based on their location and availability, and even helped some of them apply for the jobs they find suitable. It was to our pleasure that the jobseekers found Freeboh to be useful for them.

Shi Jun with Heikal, Executive Director of Sense

We are very thankful for this experience to interact with the community and to discover the real needs of jobseekers out there. We look forward to the next job fair with MENDAKI Sense!
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