My First Working Experience After O Level

Last edited on 18 Dec 2015

I remember the day I sat for my last O level paper like it was yesterday. That moment was both nerve wrecking and exciting! After that, my friends and I did what we do best - celebrating and enjoying ourselves. Naturally none of us was bothered to plan for the months ahead. 

After a whole month of lazing at home and listening to my mum's endless nagging, the idea finally came to mind - perhaps it is time to do something that I have never tried before or start earning money? So... I got a job!

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Well. Sort of. I eventually got a job, but looking for the job proved to be tougher than expected. Being just 16 years old then certainly did not make things easier. I was eagerly flipping through the newspapers everyday, but each time I had to make a phone call to enquire about the job opening, I could feel my heart skipping a beat and my guts clenching. Most of the time, my job applications ended in rejection mainly due to my age and lack of experience. The entire job seeking process was lengthy and depressing, but my effort finally paid off and I found a job.

(Here's a job that doesn't require any experience!)


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I have to admit my initial motivation for working then was so I could purchase my first mobile phone, which I did with my first paycheck. However I ended up gaining more than a phone. Firstly, I realised I actually gained greater satisfaction from the fact that I had bought it with my own money than the ownership itself. More importantly, that few months of work taught me confidence, something I totally lack back then. 

I was a shy teenager and could never imagine myself working as a cashier in a departmental store, having to constantly interact with strangers. My first day at work felt like forever but I was grateful that my supervisor provided guidance and as time passes by, my nervousness was replaced by confidence. Subconsciously I now speak with a more assertive voice that eventually landed me the nickname 'loudspeaker'. Oh well..haha.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy for someone like me to step out of my comfort zone but I learned that as long as we pluck up a little courage, we would realise that things are often not as scary as you might imagine. Amid the ups and downs, my first job experience was a rewarding one – meeting new people, learning new skills and improving interpersonal skills. And all that is on top of the monetary rewards ;)

So, take a leap like I did. Step out of your comfort zone and take the first step of your working journey today :)


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