Shortlist - Beat Info Overload

Last edited on 31 Mar 2015
Are you overwhelmed with too much information or finding it hard to decide on the spot what you would like? Freeboh offers a useful tool that can help you keep track of all the opportunities that catches your attention but that final commitment is just a little bit more than an arms reach away... 

It could be because...

  • the phone just rang;
  • you are waiting for the other shoe to drop;
  • your personal assistant just took a weekend getaway to the remotest part of the Indian Ocean without connecting to the Internet to let you know your schedule (!!!)
  • you just need to check up on some other commitments or
  • just any reason or no reason.

It's simple, click on and we will do the rest!

When you want to bring up all your lovely memories, just click on on the menu and we will fish them all back up...
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