The Easiest Way To Earn Pocket Money

Last edited on 07 Dec 2016

The most common thing we hear during our poly days (often times I hear myself saying it), are these two words: “I’m broke.”

Which is true! I mean, from all the things that we need to spend on, such as transport, food, the occasional movie… How can we ever have enough to spend?! So here are three ways you can make more money so you can spend more!

Sell your Things

Did you regret buying that cherry red top that was oh-so-gorgeous or the PS3 game you bought but didn’t enjoy enough to play again? I know I did! Well, don’t leave all these items to gather dust! You can sell these preloved items to earn yourself some extra cash! And no, you don’t need a website or a blogshop to do it. There are many platforms out there available for occasional sellers like us to reach out to buyers at zero cost!

Sell your Time

I know, I know. Not everybody has things to sell. Perhaps you don’t even feel like parting with your old, or even unused stuff. Don’t worry! You can sell your time instead! Get a part time job to make full use of your time to earn some extra money. There are plenty of businesses out there who are looking for people like you to work. So get out there and start turning your free time into cold hard cash! (Or a cheque. Or, you know, digital numbers on the screen of an ATM. Your choice.)

Don’t want to spend time to sell time? No problem! Looking for a part time job on Freeboh takes only 3 clicks !

Sell your Talents

Have a flair in writing, designing or can do voice-overs and translations? Don’t put your talent to waste! Just imagine earning $5 in about 30 minutes of your time doing a voice-over at the comfort of your own home. Do what you do best and start selling your talent to others for some monetary gain!

All I’m trying to say is, the world can be your oyster if you just get out there and do something with what you have, be it time, talent, or things. So start selling today and stay rich! ;)

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