Things To Do On Labour Day

Last edited on 20 Apr 2015

The next long weekend is approaching! Labour Day is a holiday to celebrate the hard work of all workers, including you and me. So, what are your plans to celebrate YOUR day?


Here are what we people at Freeboh plan to do:


A short getaway Why not make the best use of a long weekend to go on a short well deserved holiday? You have done some part-time work and saved up some extra cash. There are many options in our vicinity worth considering. Authentic Penang Laksa is just an hour’s flight away. Bali is another hot destination for short holidays to enjoy the beautiful scenery and laid back culture. You can also consider chalets for a staycation, but you have to move fast because they are often hot in demand for such occasions :)


Visit the Istana Did you know that the Istana is open to the public on a few holidays every year? Labour day happens to be one of them! It is a rare chance to see the Istana grounds where our President resides. You might be able to get a photo opportunity too, who knows! Just note that there are some restrictions on what you can or cannot bring into the Istana, such as sharp objects. Do visit the Istana website for more information.

Work It might be quite ironic to work on Labour Day, but why not earn some extra cash with a part-time job where wages tend to be higher. It is a good time to earn some money for your Mother’s Day gift as well :) (hint: our Mother’s Day gift special post is coming up real soon).


Slack at home This is what most of us will probably do. What a wonderful day to catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite drama serial that you have missed while you were busy working or juggling your schoolwork and part-time employment! It is also a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and family with potluck and other activities!


Whatever that you plan to do, have a happy and well deserved Labour Day! 

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