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  • What Is Freeboh?

    Freeboh is an integrated online jobs marketplace where shift-based jobseekers can be connected with businesses in a hassle-free manner.

    Here we provide an exclusive platform for shift-based employment opportunity. Want to get hired? Simply sign up a free account, set up an introductory profile (with a nice photo of you :) ) and apply for the shifts that suits your schedule!  

    What’s more, we provide you more than just job opportunities. Want to check your schedule or trace back your work (and pay, of course) record? We've got it covered. 

    We are here to help you to customised working schedule to fit your life and needs, not the other way around. Through this approach, you will be able to understand what an employer or business needs, and can lead to employment on a regular basis.

  • What Are Shift-Based Jobs?

    At Freeboh we feel that the simple definition of part-time jobs having less working hours than full-time jobs does not necessary implies flexibility - Time can be fixed as per full-time jobs (i.e. not flexi!!).

    Meanwhile, shift-based jobs are not restricted by this replicated pattern. 

    Shift-based hiring is a concept where employees are hired to work with a scalable timeline. This allows daily changes and arrangements, as opposed to the conventional fixed and inflexible schedule.

  • In Conclusion...

    With shift-based employment, both businesses AND shift-timers will have a better control of their schedule. Businesses adjust their shifts according to their staff requirements so it's more cost-effective. Shift-timers can arrange their work hours to accommodate other aspects of their life. 

    Freeboh believes that shift-based hiring endorses flexibility and scalability for both businesses and employees. This is why we are “shift-focused”.

Are you an Employer? Come and check out our business interface at Schedo-It! to see what can we offer!

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